We develop project design documentation for any stage of the project, depending on the tasks set
Stages of work
If you do not know where to start - write to us or call. We will advise you on all issues, outline ways for further cooperation.
Expert evaluation
We will roughly determine the area of ​​the premises of your future facility (including auxiliary premises: warehouse, technical, administration and amenity, etc.).
We will estimate the approximate energy resources of the facility: electricity, including engineering and technological equipment (kW/h), thermal energy (heating and ventilation heat supply) (kW/h), water supply and sanitation (DHW, cold water, m3/day).
We will point out the features of your facility, what to pay attention to when designing
Conceptual solutions
We will implement conceptual solutions as part of the investment project in order to determine the main parameters of the capital construction facility:
  • optimal architectural layout of the facility;
  • the facility's demand for basic energy resources;
  • necessary process and engineering equipment.
We will determine what your future object may be, its parameters, estimated cost, energy requirements. We will help in the development of the design task order.
Project design documentation
We will develop design and estimate documentation for the Project and Working Documentation stages using the Building Information Modelling technology (BIM).
We will support the project in the expert examination.
We will carry out architectural supervision over the progress of the project
Project adaptation
If you already have a project made by foreign designers, we will bring it into compliance with Russian standards.
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For clients:
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